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Cybercon Expo I
On April 5th of 2003 fans J.E. Alvarez, Alex Weiner and Fran O'Boyle held their first fan-oriented convention at the Holiday Inn in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Born out of a desire to produce a great fan experience without a high cost of attending and with no desire to compete with other conventions, even to the organizers it was a surprising success as fans enthusiastically turned out in drones to attend. Before the doors opened there was a line of fans waiting to get in! In attendance was a representative of Hard Hero to debut new product as well as dealers from all over the East Coast.

Cybercon Expo Wave 2
On November 1st of that same year, Cybercon Expo Wave 2 was held at the Radisson Hotel in Mt. Laurel New Jersey. The organizers stated that each show would be bigger, better and different in some way from the previous convention and this show raised the bar considerably. Now, in a much bigger dealer room Cybercon Expo had room to accommodate more venders as well play hosts to guests of the industry. In attendance were Voice Actors Neil Kaplan and Wankus from the RID television series. Also making an appearance was comic book artist Chip Wallace. At the end of the evening a special dinner was held for organizers, guests and pre-registrants.

Cybercon Expo Act 3
On April 10th of 2004 Cybercon Expo Act 3 returned to the Radisson Hotel in Mt. Laurel New Jersey. This time Atari, Palisades, and Fleer where in attendance as well Cybercon's Canadian sister-show Transformerscon who provided a Dreamwave comic with an exclusive convention cover. Set up in the dealer room was a "20 Years of Optimus Prime" display with every main version of Optimus Prime along with many rare variations. Also available were playable demos of Atari's then unreleased Transformers video game for the PS2. This was the most ambitious Cybercon to date and fans supported it as always by showing up in full force.

Cybercon Expo NYC 2005
Cybercon Expo 2005 took New York City by storm in July of 2005 with the first Transformers and pop-culture related show in the city ever. Special guests included Peter Cullen, the voice of the original Optimus Prime, Dan Khanna, Joe Ng and Alex Milne, Brad Mick and Adam Patyk and more. Panels were presented on Transformers The Movie by Paul Hitchens, an unused profiles history by Marc Patten, and a Dreamwave panel featuring Joe Alex Brad and Adam. The dealer room was packed all weekend as fans scrambled to find the toys and collectibles they needed. The weekend was topped off by a Saturday night Question and Answer Panel with Peter Cullen. All in all it was the biggest and most successful Cybercon to date and we are proud to have brought it to New York City.

Cybercon Expo is an unoffical Transformers and Toy convention dedicated to collectors of pop-culture. This website features information on our event. We feature dealers who have Transformers, G.I. Joe, Masters of The Universe (He-Man), Robotech, MASK, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and all types of properties from the 80s to today. Anime, Comics, Art, Movies, Toys, Statues and Busts, Props, collectibles and and more are always available. We feature the best guests from the industry including artists, voice actors, and even the companies themselves! We hope you enjoy our site and the next Cybercon Expo show!